An Orléans family says the power of social media and community policing could help solve a hit-and-run from Friday.

Gordan Scott was driving down Tenth Line when he was stopped at a red light at the intersection by the Ray Friel and Metro Grocery Store. He says a driver in a blue Ford Escape was travelling northbound somewhat erratically, when it rammed into the rear-end side of his vehicle, before hitting a light post.

The driver then sped away.

“I was really surprised,” Scott said. “It was more of a scary situation, and it’s disappointing to realize there are people like that out there that just don’t care and drive off.”

Scott believes the driver was either distressed or possibly impaired.

While Scott says he is not injured, he is concerned this could happen to someone else.

Hours after the collision, his family posted to Facebook asking for any information on a blue Ford Escape with ‘substantial damage’, hoping to find the person responsible.

“This is a long shot but I figured I would give it a go,” his daughter wrote online.

Shortly after, dozens of messages came flooding in with information, including a photo of a vehicle matching the description.

That photo has been given to Ottawa Police, who confirm there is an open investigation into the hit-and-run.

The family is waiting for confirmation of the vehicle from the investigation, and says it is a reminder that with today’s technology ‘you will get caught’.

“I mean especially with social media and people, everyone has phones now, and pictures, and we don’t want people like this to do this anymore,” said Steven Wood, Scott’s son-in-law.  

Scott estimates damages to his vehicle are a few thousand dollars.

The Collision Unit is investigating.