Ontario provincial police are taking an unprecedented approach in the search for information into a 2015 homicide.

This van will be placed in different communities along highway 7 as police look for clues into the death of 65-year-old Frederick John Hatch.

Hatch was last seen in Ottawa on December 16th at a dollar tree store. His body was found the next day off wellington road 124 near the town of Erin.

Police don't know Hatch travelled from Ottawa to Erin but he was known to hitch hike.

When he died, Hatch was wearing a denim vest with Mickey Mouse characters on the back, a black leather jacket, a blue and white bandana and Harley Davidson boots. He was also carrying a red duffel bag.

The province has offered a 50-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

OPP have released this video on the investigation.