It's the Ontario Provincial Police's eye in the sky.

What pilot Sgt. Hans Schirmer sees every time he goes up in the air never ceases to surprise him.

“There are still very rarely days that go by where I don't shake my head. It still surprises me to this day or some of the things that I see out there,” says Sgt. Schirmer.

Those “aircraft patrolled” signs you see on Ontario highways aren’t a bluff. The OPP’s aerial enforcement unit takes off about 220 times a year.

This time, it’s a three-day blitz on highway 17 near Arnprior.

“We’re actually telling the motoring public by way of signs on the side of the road that we conduct aircraft patrol,” says Sgt. Schirmer.

“Despite that we still have people taking big chances,” he adds.

CTV News took a flight to see for ourselves.

It didn’t take long to get a birds-eye view of people driving badly.

Hash marks separated 500 metres apart on the highway help observer Const. Christopher Colton track the speeds of vehicles.

Colton clocks one vehicle going 137 km/h in a 90 km/h zone.

The driver is given tickets for speeding and failing to present a driver’s licence. That will cost the offender $381 in fines.

The three-day weekend blitz lead to 104 speeding tickets, 1 suspended driver was charged, 1 person was charged with stunt driving, and 3 other Highways Traffic Act charges were laid.