Acting Police Chief Gilles Larochelle says Ottawa police have a problem when it comes to dealing with prisoners in cellblocks, and the actions of some of his officers are questionable.

"We have a problem, no doubt about it, and we need to identify the issues so that we can take measures to correct them," Larochelle told reporters on Tuesday.

The acting police chief called upon the Ontario Provincial Police force this week to investigate two new incidents involving the treatment of prisoners in cellblocks. Larochelle said the incidents involve both sworn and civilian officers, including at least one special constable.

He said the first incident came to his attention on Friday; he was briefed on the second incident on Monday. The two incidents are in addition to two videos recently released by the courts showing Ottawa police using excessive force on prisoners.

"In viewing some of these tapes, there were these two tapes, we acknowledge the fact that the officers' actions are questionable. We recognize the fact that policies and procedures in place need to be reviewed," Larochelle said.

He told reporters the only transparent way to deal with the issue would be to call in an outside police force to investigate.

"While we have highly competent investigators with skills and experience to conduct these investigations, I felt it was important to seek assistance from an outside agency, the Ontario Provincial Police," he said.

Larochelle added the two new incidents are currently before the courts.

The Ottawa Police Association released a statement Tuesday, saying the union has faith the OPP investigation will be fair.

"We are satisfied that a third party will thoroughly investigate these matters," association president Steve Boucher stated.

The investigation comes on the heels of the Stacy Bonds case, which caused public outrage over police treatment of prisoners.

A police surveillance video shows Bonds struggling with a group of officers in the Ottawa police holding area.

The Ottawa woman is kneed in the back by Special Const. Melanie Morris. A group of officers then pins her to the ground before Sgt. Steve Desjourdy cuts off her shirt and bra with a pair of scissors.

A judge ruled that Bonds' treatment by Ottawa police was an "indignity to a human being," throwing out charges against her. Ontario's Special Investigations Unit is now investigating the case.

A second video was also released last week, showing officers dragging a homeless man into a cell. The surveillance footage shows Special Const. Melanie Morris kicking him.

Last week, Chief Vern White assigned a staff sergeant to look at previous incidents involving Ottawa police using excessive force in cellblocks.

The force is now reviewing its policies on cellblock conduct, strip searches and arresting procedures for public intoxication.

Larochelle said the force is also introducing measures to enhance the training of cellblock staff. Those measures include the addition of audio equipment in cellblocks and appropriate use-of-force training for all special constables.