Police are hoping a new clay facial reconstruction can help them identify human remains recovered in Algonquin Park nearly 40 years ago.

A hiker found the human remains on April 19, 1980 near the Hardwood Lookout Trail, near Whitney, Ont.

The hiker had taken a shortcut off the trail and found the remains about 77 metres away from a trail marker.

Police searched the area and found a size 11, Greb-brand boot, a wallet with no ID, clothing, a black sleeping bag, a camp stove and an aluminum cooking pot.

Police found more remains in a search of the area years later, in 1995.

Forensic analysis suggests the remains belong to a white man between 18 and 29 years old. He had blonde hair that may have been tied back in a ponytail, and his belt showed wear at the 32-inch hole.

The cause of death is unknown. Police believe the man died someone between July 1, 1971 and the spring of 1978.

OPP released the three-dimensional model at a news conference in Orillia, Ont. on Wednesday.

They hope the new reconstruction will prompt the public, friends or co-workers of the man to come forward with new information to help identify the man.