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Operating costs for new Trillium Line expected to be $3.5 million a month

The Trillium Line will cost $3.5 million to operate when the new north-south light-rail line opens next spring.

In an email to councillors obtained by CTV News Ottawa, staff say the price tag for the line includes $2.1 million for maintenance costs and more than $1 million for staff, energy and facility costs.

Troy Charter, director of Transit Service Delivery and Rail Operations, told councillors the average cost for maintenance of Line 2 and Line 4 (the Trillium Line) might vary depending on a number of factors.

"All Capital Lifecycle payments are in addition to the costs identified and are highly variable month to month and year to year," Charter says.

"In addition to these, once fully operational the City will accrue costs for Operators, Controllers, utilities, fuel and other miscellaneous operating costs."

TransitNext was chosen by council to build and maintain the rail line between Bayview Station and Riverside South, with a link to the Ottawa Airport.

Transit Services general manager Renee Amilcar announced on Friday that the launch of the Trillium Line has been delayed until April at the earliest.

OC Transpo pays approximately $5 million a month to Rideau Transit Group/Rideau Transit Maintenance for operations of the current Confederation Line.

A report presented earlier this month showed the city is anticipating maintenance and energy costs to increase more than $14 million a year.

Staff presented the transit service long-range financial plan, which outlined $6.6 billion in budgetary pressures over the next 25 years. The costs for the Confederation Line and the Trillium Line will be $210 million a year in 2027.

The report says the operating costs for the Trillium Line will be $44.9 million in 2027, up from $18.4 million in 2019.  Staff say energy costs estimates are up $8.9 million, while the maintenance payments for TransitNext have increased $5.9 million. Top Stories

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