Here's a look at what's open and closed across Ottawa-Gatineau on Tuesday as the clean-up continues from last week’s storm.




Ottawa Carleton District School Board says all elementary and secondary schools are open today – except Knoxdale Public School and West Carleton Secondary School remain closed.

Ottawa Catholic School Board says all elementary and secondary schools will be open today.

The Conseil des écoles Catholiques du centre-est says all schools will be open today.

The French Public School Board says all schools will be open today.

University of Ottawa says classes will proceed as scheduled

Carleton University says classes will proceed as scheduled

Algonquin College says classes will proceed as scheduled

City of Ottawa says Huron, Foster Farm and Borden Farm Child Care Centres will be closed today.


In West-Carleton March, the following road closures are in place:

  • Dunrobin Rd. is closed between Murphy Side Rd. and Vances Side Rd.
  • The Thomas A. Dolan Pkwy remains closed between Old Second Line Rd. and Fifth Line Rd.
  • Fifth Line Rd. northbound remains closed between Berry Side Rd. and the Thomas A. Dolan Pkwy. Southbound Fifth Line is open.
  • Northbound Woodkilton Rd. is closed between the Thomas A. Dolan Pkwy and Vances Side Rd. Southbound is open.

Watch out for malfunctioning traffic lights this morning. Treat all uncontrolled intersections as all-way stops. Yield the right of way to the vehicle approaching the intersection before you. If two vehicles arrive at the intersection at the same time, you yield to the vehicle on the right.



Treasury Board says all Federal offices will resume normal operations today.


The City of Ottawa says all city employees are to return to work today. Employees who have been personally affected by the work and cannot report to work should contact their manager/supervisor.

City of Ottawa facilities still closed

  • Dunrobin Community Centre, 1151 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Dunrobin
  • Foster Farm Community Centre, 1065 Ramsey Crescent, Ottawa
  • Galetta Recreation Centre, 119 Darwin Street, Ottawa, ON
  • Hunt Club - Riverside Park Community Centre, 3320 Paul Anka Dr, Ottawa
  • McNabb Community Centre/Arena, 180 Percy Street, Ottawa
  • Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe, Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa
  • Michele Heights Community Centre, 2955 Michele Drive, Ottawa
  • Nepean Creative Arts Centre, 35 Stafford Road, Nepean
  • Nepean Museum, 16 Rowley Avenue, Nepean
  • Nepean Seniors Recreation Centre / Nepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean
  • Nepean Visual Arts Centre, 1701 Woodroffe Avenue, Nepean
  • Pinhey's Point Historic Site, 270 Pinhey's Point Road, Dunrobin
  • Plant Recreation Centre, 930 Somerset St. West, Ottawa
  • Richmond Memorial Arena, 6095 Perth Street, Goulbourn
  • Richmond Memorial Community Centre, 6095 Perth Street, Goulbourn
  • Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre & Britannia Park, 102 Greenview, Ottawa
  • Tom Brown Arena/Hall, 141 Bayview Ave, Ottawa
  • Walter Baker Sports Centre, 100 Malvern Drive, Nepean

The City of Ottawa is providing bins for spoiled food items until end of Tuesday at:

Minto Sports Complex – 3500 Cambrian Road

  • Walter Baker Sports Centre - 100 Malvern Drive
  • Richcraft Arena – 4101 Innovation Drive
  • Kanata Recreation Centre – 100 Charlie Rogers Place
  • Johnny Leroux Arena – 10 Warner Colpitts Lane
  • Pinecrest Recreation Centre – 2250 Tourquay Avenue
  • Nepean Sportsplex – 1701 Woodroffe Avenue
  • Basin Court
  • 950 Clyde Avenue
  • Tom Brown Arena – 141 Bayview Avenue
  • Hunt Club Community Centre – 3320 Paul Anka Drive
  • Manotick Arena – 5572 Doctor Leach
  • Richmond Arena – 6095 Perth Street
  • North Gower Town Hall – 2155 Roger Stevens Drive
  • Conroy Works Yard - 3100 Conroy Road
  • Margaret Rywack Community Building – 68 Knoxdale Road
  • OC Transpo Park & Ride – 650 Earl Armstrong Road