OTTAWA -- The MPP for Renfrew–Nippising–Pembroke says municipalities in the riding will be getting more than $3.8- million for repairs following the devastating 2019 flooding.

John Yakabuski says the money comes from Ontario's Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance program and the $1-million Build Back Better program, which gives municipalities up to 15 per cent of the estimated cost of rebuilding damaged infrastructure and strengthening it for future disasters.

According to Yakabuski's office, here is how the funding will be distributed:

  • Whitewater Region: $1,110,496,10
  • Petawawa: $544,210.16 ($63,980.56 from Build Back Better program)
  • Laurentian Valley: $548,210.46 ($26,754 from Build Back Better program)
  • Admaston/Bromley: $461,630.15 ($36,011.53 from Build Back Better program)
  • Greater Madawaska: $377,479.10 ($15,586.50 from Build Back Better program)
  • McNab/Braeside: $362,480 ($18,848.10 from Build Back Better program)
  • Horton: $250,894.65
  • North Algona Wilberforce: $132,380.64
  • Killaloe, Hagarty, and Richards: $68,939.84

Yakabuski's office says, to date, the Ontario government has provided disaster recovery funding assistance of over $7.5 million to affected individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations as a result of spring 2019 flooding.