TORONTO - Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne says her ministry was the target of a police raid this month.

Wynne is the first Liberal cabinet minister to confirm her ministry was one of three targets of July 15 raids by the Ontario Provincial Police anti-rackets branch.

However, she says she doesn't have any details about the raid on her ministry's offices in downtown Toronto.

Wynne could not say if her office called police to investigate or if the police obtained search warrants based on outside information, and says all she knows is what she's read in the media.

The police seized a number of documents during the raid on the Macdonald Block, an office complex that houses 13 different government ministries and agencies.

No charges have been laid, and Insp. Dave Ross says it will take investigators some time yet to sort through the documents they seized from the government offices.

The Ontario Realty Corporation was also thought to be a target of the investigation into irregular financial transactions between the provincial government and outside vendors.

However, neither the police nor the Liberal government will say what agencies or ministries besides Transportation are being investigated.