OTTAWA -- In light of Ontario's new proof of vaccination program, the Renfrew County and District Health Unit (RCDHU) is reminding businesses that proof of vaccination is different for members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Last week, Ontario mandated that anyone accessing certain non-essential businesses must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 along with a piece of ID to gain entry under most circumstances. Most residents of Ontario access their proof of vaccination via the provincial government; however, CAF members receive a vaccination booklet from the military.

"CAF vaccination booklets, and/or cards or record sheets provided to members when they receive their vaccine through the CAF vaccine clinic is the CAF proof of vaccination document and members can show these documents if asked to prove their vaccination status," the Department of National Defence says on its website.

The RCDHU says soldiers can show their CAF-issued vaccination booklet along with their military ID as proof of vaccination.

"The authenticity of these documents can be confirmed by verifying that the name and service number on the document matches those on the individual’s military identification card," the RCDHU said in a press release.

Renfrew County is home to Garrison Petawawa.

Acting medical officer of health Dr. Robert Cushman tells CTV News Ottawa the health unit just wants to make sure there's no confusion about the vaccination booklet for Armed Forces members.

"With all these different systems, there was some confusion as usual. We did have a few people phoning the health department, just a few, and you can't expect a server or someone that welcomes you or screens you at every restaurant to know about this," said Cushman.

Anyone curious about what to look for can find examples of military ID and vaccination booklets online

The Canadian Armed Forces says it's not aware of any reports from its members regarding accessibility or use of their vaccine booklet to access non-essential businesses.

“CAF members who receive a COVID-19 vaccination are provided with proof of vaccination in their member vaccine booklet or a card or record sheet, which includes the type of vaccine administered, the date it was provided and other pertinent details," said Col. John Vass, Commander 4th Canadian Division Support Group (Garrison Petawawa). "The documentation provided to members when they receive their vaccine through a CAF vaccine clinic, can be used by members when asked to prove their vaccination status."

The federal government requires that all CAF members be vaccinated against COVID-19.