The Ontario Government has given the green light to a new waste facility near Carlsbad Springs.

The Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre will be built on a 184 hectare property east of Boundary Road and southeast of Highway 417 in Ottawa’s south-end.

It will accept industrial, commercial, construction and demolition waste generated in Ontario. There will also be an organics processing facility for the portion of the IC&I waste stream that has organic content.

The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change announced it approved the project after Taggart Miller Environmental Services accepted a number of conditions. They include implementing a Compliance Monitoring Program, preparing an annual compliance report and providing a forum for public concerns to be raised and mitigated. Taggart Miller must also develop an Odour Abatement Plan detailing measures for addressing potential odours that may emanate from the site.

Residents near the new waste facility had expressed concerns about traffic and the facility's impact on the environment.

Construction on the new facility must begin within 10 years.