OTTAWA -- Thursday, a video that appears to target Police Chief Peter Sloly started circulating on social media.

CTV News has viewed the video but will not be distributing it further.

The video titled “Chiefy Sloly and the disgusting racist meme,” plays subtitles over a scene from the movie Downfall. The context of these subtitles appears to be specific to the Ottawa Police Service and Chief Sloly.

The subtitles are used over a scene where a character portraying Adolf Hitler is communicating with commanding officers. The video begins by referring to the Hitler character as
“Chief Soly.”

The captions reference a “racist meme” and proceed to describe an image that allegedly circulated within the force in the past.

The video includes several allegations through its captions, including suggestions that Chief Sloly is treating white officers unfairly.

“I’m tired of people asking me to show them examples of systemic racism in policing. Just agree with me. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just accept that a systemically racist police service would continually promote a black man until he becomes Chief,” the captions read.

The video follows an op-ed published by the Chief on Sept. 4,where he discussed systemic racism. That op-ed was seemingly in response to allegation made by a Black driver who says he was pulled over by an officer under claims his license plate was expired. The plate was not expired.

In response to that op-ed, the head of Ottawa’s police union accused the Chief of turning his back on the force’s members by suggesting systemic racism existed in policing.

The creator of the video remains unclear.

The Ottawa Police Service did not respond to the video Friday evening. 

Online the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police tweeted the following message in response to the video: 

"This is disgusting. As #Ontario's police leaders, we will never accept this type of outright hatred directed at one of our Chiefs, any members of our #police services or members of our diverse communities, whether from a member of the public & especially from a police member." 

More details to follow...