It's been one year since a public transit strike crippled the capital for almost two months in the middle of winter, and both sides of the dispute are still far from reaching an agreement on one of the main sticking points.

Scheduling and work-rest rules became a major issue during the strike; and an arbitrator is still trying to come up with a plan that both sides will agree on.

The strike brought out stories of hardship and created challenges for some residents in terms of going about everyday life. Some lost jobs; others were unable to get around the city to make important appointments.

Even after the strike ended at the end of January, full bus service did not resume until mid-March.

In all, the strike cost the city $5.9 million. The hefty bill was a combination of decreased revenue, money spent on contingency plans and financial penalties for OC Transpo's bus fuel contract.

More than 2,300 bus drivers, dispatchers and mechanics walked off the job on Dec. 10, 2008. At the time, they had been working without a contract since April.