Gatineau Police are calling it one of the biggest seizures of heroin in the city’s history.

634 grams of purple heroin was seized after a two-week-long drug investigation which also involved Ottawa and Toronto police.

Gatineau Police say an apartment on rue Claire was searched July 3. The search led to other searches at three storage lockers and in three lockboxes in Ottawa, as well as a lockbox in a Toronto bank.

In addition to the heroin – samples of which are being sent to Health Canada to test for the presence of fentanyl and carfentanil – Gatineau police seized the following items:

  • 235 grams of cannabis
  • 11 grams of cocaine
  • $3518 in Canadian currency
  • $100 in US currency
  • Several cell phones
  • Several pieces of jewelry and other “items of great value”
  • 1 hydraulic press
  • Various items related to the preparation and packaging of drugs for sale
  • Several false-bottom containers to hide narcotics

29-year-old Gérard Rakithan Gérard is facing numerous drug-trafficking charges. He appeared in court July 4.