Ottawa and Gatineau police are piecing out the particulars of a home invasion case Friday night that they say ended up with a stabbing death, arrests and an investigation on both sides of the Ontario-Quebec border.

According to police, authorities on the Gatineau side responded to a home invasion around 10:20 p.m. at 17 Rue Sainte Helene in the Hull sector.

From a description given by the person living in the home, Ottawa police tracked down a car on their side of the border that had several people inside of it.

One man was critically injured from a stab wound. The injured man was taken to the Ottawa Hospital, Civic campus, where he later died.

Five arrests were made in total -- three men and two women. Four people were arrested in connection with the home invasion, and one arrested in relation to the death.

No charges have yet been laid, or names released.