OTTAWA -- Old computers are getting a new life. An Ottawa man is taking donated old tech, and refurbishing it - making it usable for those in need.

Thanks to Justin Saunders-Wall, dozens have been able to connect with loved ones, or now have access a computer. The computers he refurbishes, he then donates them to seniors, students, or someone who otherwise would be unable to afford a new computer.

“Since February, I honestly lost track at around seventy-eight, I’m pretty sure I’m over a hundred at this point… Anything that gets donated is a hundred percent free,” says Saunders-Wall.

Heidi Gannon works with seniors and saw a need, “One of my seniors broke down, that she hadn’t seen her family in three months.”

So she reached out to a Facebook group for help, finding a laptop and helping the senior to connect to her grandchildren. “It was awesome, it was so cute; because I knew how isolated she was, and I also happen to know her grandkids and they were so excited… Watching them be silly little goofs and running around - it was so awesome.”

Saunders-Wall is making the most out of this time at home; he’s recovering from Colon Cancer and other health issues. “One of the reasons why I started the project in the first place is, I’ve had a lot of issues with mobility… I have to constantly keep my mind occupied.”

An occupied mind that helps others, like Jessica Walker-Burke; she received a laptop. “Right now, it’s helped two people…I used it a bit, but we actually have a friend who is in more need of a laptop than I was; she recently lost her job, and she needs a laptop for doing resumes.”

Morgan Kelly donated three computers to the cause. “I’m more than happy to see it actually get usage again, rather than just seeing it go into possibly electronic waste.”

Computers, which are now helping others. Sahil Luthra’s laptop stopped working in the last few months of school, “My laptop crashed, and I didn’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a new one.”

After receiving a computer, he ended up donating old screens which he wasn’t using. “I just wanted to pay it forward,” says Luthra.

If you have an old computer you’d like to donate, or would like to get in touch with Justin Saunders-Wall, visit his facebook site.