OTTAWA - Several Ottawa Police officers waded into the Rideau River last night to save a woman who had jumped from the Cummings Bridge.

At about 9:00 p.m. last night, Ottawa Police, Paramedics, and Firefighters were called to the Cummings Bridge at 659 Rideau Street where a young woman was threatening to jump into the Rideau River.

Officers tried to calm the woman to no avail. The person jumped into the frigid waters.

Firefighters had not yet had time to deploy their rescue boat.

With the fast current the officers needed to react quickly. With officers attempting to pin point the woman's bobbing head in the water, Cst. Colin Bowie went to the St-Patrick Street Bridge, took his duty belt off and jumped into the water using the back seat of the cruiser as a floatation device.

Cst. Bowie then grabbed the young person.

Cst. Pat S. Lafrenière and Cst. Kristina Correa followed him into the water and pulled the woman and Cst. Bowie to safety.

Thanks to the swift response of officers, the young woman was rescued and taken to hospital for assessment.

"Constable Bowie's selfless act makes us all proud," said Chief Charles Bordeleau. "His actions and those of all the officers and first responders on scene like Constables Lafrenière and Correa, represent the best qualities of our Service and are commendable."