OTTAWA -- Train shortages, bus cancellations and incorrect arrival times on station screens continue to plague OC Transpo.

For the ninth consecutive workday, OC Transpo is operating with fewer trains during the morning and afternoon peak periods. In a memo to Councillors and the media Wednesday night, OC Transpo General Manager John Manconi didn't say how many trains would be available for the morning peak period. However, Manconi did confirm the supplemental bus service would continue from three stations into downtown Ottawa.

After speculation swirled on social media about the number of trains operating this morning, OC Transpo tweeted at several members of the media around 11 a.m. that Confederation Line service operated with 8 and 9 trains during the peak period

In a memo Thursday morning, Manconi said a train was unable to be put into service due to an issue with the wheels.

"At approximately 8:15 a.m. this morning, a second train was proactively removed from service at Blair Station due to a mechanical issue," Manconi said. Service continued through the morning commute with eight trains.

On Wednesday, the Confederation Line operated with 8 and 9 trains at different times during the morning peak period. In a statement to News Talk 580 CFRA, Director of Transit Operations Troy Charter said Rideau Transit Group had planned to operate 10 trains, "but one train was unable to continue in service at Tunney's Pasture Station due to an electrical issue."

OC Transpo has cancelled 109 bus trips during the morning and afternoon peak periods todayday, so the buses can be diverted from high-frequency routes to provide “S1 supplemental bus service along the Confederation Line.”

Non-stop bus service will be provided from Blair, Hurdman and Tunney’s Pasture Stations to downtown Ottawa during peak periods.

On Wednesday, several riders reported incorrect arrival times on the giant screens at the Confederation Line.

OC Transpo said “information screens on platforms are currently showing incorrect next train arrival times due to technical difficulties. We are working to resolve the problem.”