With the expansion of the public transit system in the capital, OC Transpo is making sure security remains its top priority.

Right now, there are 700 cameras on buildings, at stations and on board the 37 double-decker buses, but that number is going to grow.

“With moving into 2018 with the Confederation Line rail stations and train cars and Trillium Line train cars, we’ll be increasing to 2,200 cameras throughout the system,” says Jim Babe, manager of Transit Safety and Enforcement Services.

Babe says since the cameras were introduced in 2013, he’s seen an increase in catching criminal activity.

“We’ve certainly got more results in court for convictions where (CCTV footage) has been used for evidence,” he says.

Most passengers are on board with the plan, but there are a few who have concerns.

“I’ve heard of a number of occurrences of people getting attacked and things like that…I don’t see it as a bad idea” says one rider.

“I’m a little concerned about the privacy aspect of it,” says another as he leaves to catch a bus.

Babe knows there are going to be some privacy concerns and that’s why they’re asking the public for feedback. You can fill out a survey on the OC Transpo website.

The Transportation Committee still has to approve the plan, which is expected to happen this fall.