It will cost you more to board the O-Train and OC Transpo buses starting on Sunday.

The 2.5 per cent hike in transit fares approved in the 2022 city of Ottawa budget will kick in on May 1, now that Rideau Transit Group has provided 15 trains for service on the Confederation Line.

Fares were initially scheduled to increase on Jan. 1, but council voted to delay the fare hike until Rideau Transit Group had provided 15 trains for service for one month following the derailment last September. The contract for the Confederation Line calls for 15 trains running at peak times during the morning and afternoon, weekday commutes.

“The deferral of the 2022 fare increase to May 1 is an acknowledgement from Council of the significant service disruptions customers on O-Train Line 1 experienced in the fall of 2021,” the city said in a statement.

“With a full complement of trains now available for service, OC Transpo is well positioned to work with RTM in delivering the reliable transit for revenue service.”

The hike in transit fares will see a $3 a month increase in the cost of an adult monthly bus pass, while student passes will increase $2.25.

Here is a look at the new fares for OC Transpo, effective May 1. (Old fares in parentheses)

  • Adult monthly pass: $125.50 ($122.50)
  • Youth (8-19) monthly pass: $96.75 ($94.50)
  • Senior (65+) monthly pass: $46.75 ($47.75)
  • Community monthly pass: $43.25 (no change)
  • DayPass: $11.25 ($11)
  • U-Pass (per semester) - $223.48 ($218.03)

Single ride trips

  • Adult single-ride fare (paid by card): $3.70 ($3.60)
  • Adult single-ride fare (paid by cash): $3.75 ($3.65)
  • Senior single-ride fare (paid by card): $2.80 ($2.70)
  • Senior single-ride fare (paid by cash): $2.85 ($2.75)
  • Child (8-12) single-ride fare (paid by card): $1.85 ($1.80)
  • Child (8-12) single-ride fare (paid by cash): $1.90 ($1.85)

Children ages 6 and 7 ride OC Transpo for free.