OTTAWA -- The first very cold day of the year with the Confederation Line in operation brought a new set of challenges to OC Transpo.

Some passengers noted the LRT cars were cold Thursday morning, when the air temperature was around -22°C during the morning commuting hours.

OC Transpo says the HVAC system on the LRT undergoes “multiple seasonal adjustments” and they’re considering adding some heaters to the train this winter.

Troy Charter, the director of Transit Operations, said in an emailed statement the trains were tested for the cold, but they’re being adjusted again because passengers are now on board.

“Last winter, adjustments were made to the heating systems, in response to reports of cold conditions in the operator cab,” Charter said. “We are undergoing a period of correction and calibration as we are experiencing operations with full loads and automatic door openings, which requires a new set of adjustments. As part of the corrective review, we are looking at various solutions, including temporary mitigations, such as installing temporary auxiliary heaters.”

Similar adjustments were made during the summer, because of high temperatures.

Charter did not provide a timeline for the calibration or a date when heaters might be installed.