OTTAWA -- A dead train at Tunney’s Pasture reduced service along the Confederation Line on Wednesday.

Twelve hours after an inquiry from News Talk 580 CFRA about the train sitting at platform 2 during the morning peak period, OC Transpo confirmed the train was out of service due to an electrical issue. 

The Transit Service had expected to have 10 trains available for the Wednesday peak periods, but now confirms only 8 or 9 trains were running at different times.

Riders and Citizen Transit Commissioner Sarah Wright-Gilbert reported seeing a train sitting at platform 2 at the west-end station during the morning peak period, but OC Transpo provided no update on the train’s status.

News Talk 580 CFRA reached out to the City of Ottawa’s communications department at 7:13 a.m. asking for clarification on the train.

In a response at 7:16 p.m., Director of Transit Operations Troy Charter confirmed a dead train sat at Tunney’s Pasture due to an electrical issue.

“Service on Line 1 operated with 8 and 9 trains at different times during the peak period (Wednesday) morning. Planned service for (Wednesday) morning included 10 trains, but one train was unable to continue in service at Tunney’s Pasture Station due to an electrical issue,” Charter said.

In a memo to Councillors on Thursday, Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said another train experienced an electrical issue in the yard prior to be launched for the morning commute. 

OC Transpo said eight and nine trains were available for the morning and afternoon commute on Thursday.