Five senior managers at OC Transpo are being shown the door after restructuring plans were announced Monday morning.

OC Transpo's new general manager, John Manconi, is dismissing operations manager Laurie Blackstone, marketing manager Vincent Patterson, fleet maintenance manager Larry Atkinson, customer service manager Jane Wright, and security manager Kimberly Weston-Martin.

Two of the managers terminated earned more than six figures last year. Atkinson made $145,239.01 and Blackstone $122, 574.84, according to Ontario's sunshine list.

They are both reported to be hugely unpopular and closely aligned with former general manager Alain Mercier.

For the moment, Manconi has assigned acting managers to take over.

In a notice about the plans, Manconi writes "I have undertaken a review of the organizational structure and of the management team needed to move the organization forward."

He also says the new structure and management team is designed to focus on "service excellence," "employee engagement," and preparing the department for the Ottawa light rail project.