OTTAWA -- OC Transpo has cancelled 138 bus trips across the city today to help boost power along Ottawa’s fourth-month-old light rail transit system.

The buses from higher-frequency routes will be uses to shuttle passengers from three major stations as the system deals with a shortage of available trains.

Passengers faced delays both Saturday and Sunday as several trains were stopped at stations because of power issues. The power problems that plagued the system over the weekend are expected to affect light rail transit service today.  

In a memo to Councillors, Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said Rideau Transit Group “has advised that they anticipate Monday morning’s commute will likely be impacted by the vehicle power challenges experienced over the weekend.”

Only nine trains were running at 7 a.m. Monday, running every six minutes.

OC Transpo plans to run weekday S1 supplemental bus service during peak periods due to the fewer trains being available on the Confederation Line. In a note on its website, OC Transpo says “targeted and temporary reductions on higher-frequency routes across the system are being made to minimize the impact to customers."

Manconi says most of the trips being cancelled operate with double-decker and articulated buses, and their extra capacity will support customers who normally travel by train.

OC Transpo says the 63 trip cancellations on Monday morning represent approximately two per cent of the bus trips, while the 75 trips in the afternoon represent approximately three to four per cent of the bus trips operated every afternoon.

A full list of the cancelled bus trips is available on OC Transpo's website

Here is a look at the special bus service being implemented by OC Transpo.

Morning peak - special bus service will run directly to downtown on three routes:

  • From Tunney’s Pasture Station non-stop to downtown, stopping at bus stops along Slater Street and Mackenzie King Bridge.
  • From Hurdman Station non-stop to downtown, stopping at bus stops along Mackenzie King Bridge and Alert Street
  • From Blair Station non-stop to downtown, stopping at bus stops along Mackenzie King Bridge and Albert Street

Afternoon peak - special bus service will run from downtown on two routes:

  • From Albert Street at Bank, non-stop to Tunney’s Pasture Station
  • From Albert Street west of O’Connor, stopping only at Hurdman and Blair Stations.

OC Transpo warns customers may experience long travel and wait times and platforms and trains may be more crowded.