Shorter LRT riders rejoice: strap hangers are on the way.

In a detailed memo to city councillors Friday afternoon, Transit Manager John Manconi outlined several milestones and adjustments for the new O-Train.

As of Tuesday, October 13th, the transit system reached 3 million riders. Manconi calls it a significant milestone that “underscores the volumes that the Confederation Line system is built to support.”

Manconi also addressed a significant problem for many riders: holding on, especially for shorter people.  The transit system is consulting with the train manufacturer to install “strap hangers”, dangling handles that will make it easier for people to hold on in packed train.

There will also be significant structural change to Tunney’s Pasture station, a frequent target of complaints for frustrated riders.

OC Transpo will construct a new canopy to extend weather protection for riders, presumably in the area where thousands transfer from buses to trains.

Dwell times, or the time that doors remain open at each station, have been extended at Parliament, uOttawa, Hurdman, Lyon, and Rideau stations.

The transit service will also install new markings on platform floors, directing passengers as they get off the trains.

The markings have already been installed at Lyon station and they will be installed throughout the entire system.  City councillor Jeff Leiper tweeted a photo of the new markings at Lyon station Friday morning.



OC Transpo is also installing markings on the floor of Tunney’s Pasture, encouraging O-Train riders to move throughout the platform.

The red vest staff members who have become a fixture in the new system, remain until December.  So will technicians dedicated on each train, whenever the system is operating.

Manconi says many of the adjustments have been made after requests and suggestions from customers.