Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien's campaign ads will make their way onto your television or computer screen, starting today.

Two of O'Brien's campaign ads were posted on YouTube Monday and will be placed in rotation on local television stations.

The video is similar to television ads created for O'Brien's election campaign four years ago.

However, this time around the focus is on the mayor's accomplishments. The ads begin with testimonials thanking O'Brien for his leadership on various projects, such as revitalizing Lansdowne Park, securing funding for the Ottawa Convention Centre, and bringing forward a new plan for transit.

"In 2006, you voted to get the right things done -- and we delivered. You saw the power of action over politics," O'Brien says in the advertisements.

There are reports the mayor's budget for his campaign ads is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

However, the mayor isn't the only candidate turning to the television screen in an attempt to grab votes. Rival Jim Watson's campaign team told CTV Ottawa he has a few ads completed, and others are in production – but those ads won't be rolled out until later in the campaign.

Meanwhile, Clive Doucet's campaign team says they're not sure if their budget is big enough to advertise on TV, but campaign videos are expected to be posted on the Internet and circulated online.

Andy Haydon, who registered for the mayor's race late in the game, said he won't turn to television advertising to boost his campaign. Instead he's hoping for a more grassroots effort.