It’s a record the city of Ottawa is not proud of breaking.  As of October 2, 2016, the number of shootings in the city has reached 51, surpassing the record 49 shootings set back in 2014.

“We all ought to have some level of concern for the number of shootings,” says Ottawa Police Inspector John Medeiros, “any shooting that takes place in our city poses a risk to our citizens.”

Shots rang out early Sunday morning in the heart of Ottawa’s Byward Market as party-goers spilled out of nightclubs.  A 27-year-old man, known to police, was shot several times and remains in critical condition in the Ottawa Hospital.   No arrests have been made.  The shooting in such a public place has left many nearby residents concerned for their own safety, “I’ve got three kids and we weren’t that far away from here.”

A second shooting, just after 6pm Sunday evening, in the 1200 block of Ohio Street, near Billings Bridge, fortunately left no one injured.  Ottawa Police investigators say they found shell casings and a shattered glass panel at an apartment building. 

The Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Unit is investigating both shootings. 

As the number of shootings continues to climb in the city, both Mayor Jim Watson and Police Chief Charles Bordeleau believe the service has enough resources to investigate the violent incidents, they say the public also has an important role to play. 

“We are doing our best to try and resolve each and every situation,” says Medeiros, “to try and get ahead of some of these we require members of the community to come forward with information to help us solve crime and resolve some that we may not even be aware of yet.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Unit.