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'Nothing compares to the big screen.' Brockville residents reflect ahead of Galaxy Cinemas closure next month


The only "first-run" movie theatre in Brockville, Ont. is set to close next month and moviegoers are reflecting on its impact.

Galaxy Cinemas opened in the 1000 Islands Mall in 2006, and will close just before its 18th anniversary this summer. Last month, Cineplex said they decided to not renew their lease.

"It's very sad," said area resident Debbie Leggo.

"I know the Arts Centre still puts on movies, but it's very sad that this establishment is closing after 18 years."

Galaxy Cinemas is currently the only place in Brockville to watch movies as soon as they’re released worldwide.

The theatre company did not elaborate on what led to their decision to let the lease expire.

"It's a little disappointing, because now we'll have to travel," said Brockville resident Joanne Hinley. "Either go to Kingston or Ottawa. So we're sorry to see it go."

According to the Cineplex website, the next closest movie theatre is in Barrhaven, about 75 kilometres away or Kingston, about 80 kilometres west.

But some still think the theatre experience is worth that trip, like screenwriter Tom Schoch.

"It's the same reason you go to a hockey game," he said. "It's the same reason you go to a concert."

"You can watch it at home, but the person who made the movie intended for you to see it with a bunch of other people on a huge screen with lots of sound and overpriced popcorn and pop. That's the way it is, and that's the way it should be."

Galaxy Cinemas will operate until its last day on July 7. The theatre has six screens and seats 1,093 people in total. Top Stories

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