Some residents that live near the airport are going to have a much noisier summer.

"It's been the worst summer so far and now we've got to deal with the noise factor," says Karyn Martin, who lives just north of the airport.

The main runway at the Ottawa Airport is now closed because of construction. Crews are replacing part of the taxiway planes use to get from the terminal to the runway, as well as installing new approach lighting, among other things.

That main runway goes east-west, meaning planes taking off and landing will now have to use the one on the other side that is situated north-south. The Airport Authority says those neighbourhoods north and south of the airport should expect increased air traffic and noise.

"There are a lot of people who don't have air conditioning," says Martin. "They keep their windows open and for them, it's going to be chaotic."

The main runway will be closed until the end of August. The Airport Authority says it will be closed for another week in September or October to finish the project.

Some families are excited to see more planes, but not sure of the difference it's going to make.

"There's certainly air traffic that we can see and feel in this area," says Randa Saryeddine. "So if it increases, I'll probably look back and think I shouldn't have said that, but for now, I think we have to see the positive side of it." 

Other residents know it's out of their control.

"It's only going to be for a couple of months," says Hugh Donoghue. "You really have no choice but to live with it."

The best female golfers in the world are set to be in the capital at the end of August for the CP Women's Open. Some residents are worried the increased air traffic could be a problem, but the general manager of the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club says it will be minimal.

"The planes by the time they take off are high enough that it really doesn't impact us and the ones coming in for a landing don't make much noise," says Boris Uvakov. "It'll be the odd visual distraction, but it's nothing that we're seriously concerned about."