OTTAWA -- Two weeks after Ottawa Police officers put down a coyote in Riverside South, Councillor Carol Anne Meehan says there have been no other serious incidents in the neighbourhood.

Ottawa Police and Ottawa Bylaw received several calls earlier this month about coyote sightings and aggressive interactions in the area.  On June 12, officers put down a coyote after spotting it prowling around houses near Shoreline Drive and Wild Shore Crescent.

"The coyote initially came at an officer, but they were able to chase it away from the residences using a police cruiser," police said in a statement on June 12.

"Officers then located the same coyote in Claudette Cain Park, where they had no choice but to put it down safely.

In her weekly newsletter to constituents, Meehan said there have been no other serious incidents involving coyotes since then.

"We are increasingly certain the coyote that Ottawa Police removed two weeks ago in Riverside South was the animal responsible for several brazen attacks in the area," Meehan wrote.

"Test results on the coyote showed he was not sick or diseased."

Meehan urges residents to continue to be cautious when out early in the morning or late in the evenings.

"If you see one, give it space and room to escape. Don't leave any food or garbage around your yard, which just invites animals in."

Meehan says her office is working to set up a meeting to discuss wild animal protocols in the future, noting residents have to "learn how to live safely with them."