A pilot walked away unharmed after their small plane crashed in a farmer's field in Ottawa's south end.

Emergency crews responded to reports of a plane crash in a field on South Gower Drive at approximately 12 p.m. Saturday. The area is south of Osgoode.

Ontario Provincial Police say the pilot reported a mid-air engine failure from a fuel leak, and crash landed in a farm field.

"Skilled pilot was forced to make an emergency landing following mid-air engine failure from a fuel leak, landed in a farm field," the OPP said.

No injuries were reported.

Ottawa Fire says the pilot told firefighters they did not think they would make it back to the runway due to a fuel issue in the air and decided to attempt to land in a field.

The plane sustained a broken wing.

Firefighters worked quickly to contain a fuel leak, with 40 gallons of fuel on board the plane.