OTTAWA -- As some businesses in eastern Ontario get ready to reopen this Friday, a lack of income during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused others to close permanently.

The Barrhaven location of Carte Blanche Salon and Spa is one place that will not be reopening. founder Roy Jouni said he had to make a tough decision.

“I was in tears. Me and my family, this is a loss for us.”

Jouni expanded his Orleans family business by opening a location in Barrhaven last year and said it was doing well before the pandemic.

“We were establishing it, doing really, really well and we were finally starting to make a profit then, all of a sudden, COVID-19 hit,” he said.

Like many small business owners, he had to shut his doors in March. Monday will be a bittersweet day for Jouni. He will reopen his Orleans location but the one in Barrhaven will remain closed.

“I have to cut the arm to save the body,” he said.

Unlike his at Orleans location, he says he had to pay full rent on the Barrhaven spa throughout the pandemic.

“That’s a huge location in Barrhaven, two months rent is something unbelievable," Jouni said. “I don’t want to close it because I didn’t want the business. I was forced to close it and it’s literally breaking my heart.”

He says that any Barrhaven customers who still have gift certificates can still use them at the Orleans location starting next week.

“Set to open on Monday, we’re so excited, our team is so excited, our clientele. Our phones haven’t stopped ringing,” he said.