OTTAWA -- A puppy was seriously hurt when someone threw him from the window of a moving car in the west end, according to the Ottawa Humane Society.

Gilbert, a nine-week-old Pekinegese, was thrown from the car window on Laperriere Avenue in Carlington last week.

“Who could so heartlessly treat an innocent animal like a piece of garbage?” the humane society said in a news release.

A passerby who witnessed the event scooped up Gilbert and called Ottawa bylaw. The bylaw officer then rushed him to an after-hour veterinary clinic to get urgently-needed care.

Upon arrival, the dog was struggling to breathe and could barely move. After three days of treatment, Gilbert’s condition saw little improvement. An X-ray was inconclusive.


“I only needed to look at Gilbert to know something was seriously wrong,” said Dr. Shelley Hutchings, the humane society’s chief veterinarian. “But trying to find out exactly what was wrong was the challenge.”

A specialist soon determined that three of the puppy’s ribs were broken near his spine.

Gilbert remains in the Ottawa Humane Society’s critical care unit, where he’s receiving pain medication and recovering through rest. His medical costs have already exceeded $3,000.

The Humane Society says it has reported the case to provincial authorities for investigation.