It was an evening full of laughs to help a survivor of the Westboro bus crash.

On Friday Jan. 11, Marcie Stevens' life changed forever. She was a passenger on Route 269 from downtown Ottawa to the Kanata Park & Ride. Stevens was sitting on the right side of the bus about five rows from the back. When the bus crashed, Marcie's legs were pinned, one severed off and left on the bus. The other leg could not be saved.

When her story first aired on CTV News in February, Marcie's husband Christopher said they loved stand-up comedy. When the manager of The Burbs Pub and Eatery in Kanata saw, they decided to hold a stand-up comedy fundraiser alongside Yuk Yuk's in Ottawa.

"Her positivity in something that could be very destructive to somebody's mental health was very inspiring to me and to Yuk Yuk's to give something back to our community" said Christine Hubley.

"Laughter is the best medicine so we're pretty excited."

Marcie, who remains in rehab at The Ottawa Hospital attended the sold-out event at The Burbs.

"You have to take the bad with the good and just continue on," said Marcie.

"This is me, this is the way I have always been, this is the way I am always going to be."

Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley was moved by Marcie's story.

"I don't think there is anyone in Ottawa who wasn't touched by that story," said Hubley.

"Kanata steps up when they want to help people, if someone needs a hand everybody is there, you only have to ask once."

Her husband Christopher says laughter has been therapy for pair.

"It's a great way to take anything horrible and just say we're going to make ourselves feel good about it, someone's going to find a way to make us feel good about things," said Christopher.

"The formula for comedy is tragedy plus time, we've had enough time to think about the tragedy, be sad about the tragedy, now we want to laugh."

"It's overwhelming," Marcie said as she looked at the packed restaurant.

"I am so privileged to live in such a wonderful community that has rallied around me."

All the money from the tickets sold will be going directly to the Stevens family.