OTTAWA -- An Ottawa woman convicted of threatening Nepean MPP and Ontario Cabinet Minister Lisa MacLeod has been arrested again.

Rebecca Reid, 42, has been charged with uttering threats of bodily harm and breach of probation.

MacLeod's office confirmed the details to CTV News.

"Do you know how hard it is for me not to get a bat and beat her face?" read an e-mail dated Jan. 31.

"I'm seeing images of her dead eyes again."

Another e-mail sent on Feb.3 said, "I want to go full-blown terrorist."

Both these e-mails are alleged to have once again come from Reid.

Reid, the mother of a boy with autism, was upset over changes made to the province's autism strategy. MacLeod used to be the minister in charge of the autism file before she was moved to the tourism and sports portfolio in a cabinet shuffle in June 2019.

Reid had sent MacLeod more than 100 angry e-mails last February and March, even after Ottawa Police had told her to stop.

She pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and uttering threats last summer.

The judge gave her probation, and told Reid she was not to contact MacLeod.

Following the new series of unsettling e-mails, also alleged to have come from Reid, local politicians have come to MacLeod's defence.

Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder has known MacLeod for more than 20 years. 

"The line has been crossed, it was crossed a long time ago," said Harder told CTV's Christina Succi Sunday.

"This is wrong."

Harder was there last March when the cabinet minister rushed out at an event for International Women's Day in Ottawa.

"She got up and I never heard her speak so fast, and so abruptly, and just find a backway out of there," said Harder.

One of the longest serving councillors in Ottawa, Harder knows politics is always divisive, but this is different.

"It is enough to bring you to your knees," said Harder.

"You're emotionally strung out all the time because you don't know what's around the corner."

On Bell Let's Talk Day, MacLeod opened up to CTV News about her struggles with mental health over the last year.

"I think the death threats and sentencing of someone that wanted to take my life really impacted me and my family," said MacLeod said in an interview Jan. 29.

"I had almost around the clock police protection."

The Premier's office issued the following statement to CTV News:

"Violence and aggression towards any MPP will not be tolerated. Minister MacLeod and her family deserve to feel safe and protected. She has dedicated a decade and a half of her life to bettering her City and our Province. Targeted harassment and threats are unacceptable in public discourse and this case is no different.”In a tweet Sunday, MacLeod said she was grateful to the Ottawa Police and the OPP for protecting her and her staff."

Mayor Jim Watson too thanked Ottawa Police.

"No one should be subjected to these kinds of threats to themselves, their family, or their staff," said Mayor Watson in a statement to CTV News.

"I am appreciative of the quick response by the police."

Reid is now facing charges of uttering threats to cause bodily harm and breach of probation.

She has been released on bail.

Meanwhile, MacLeod says she will not be quitting politics anytime soon.

"I will not be intimidated and I will be running again," said MacLeod in a post to her personal Facebook account.

"I am not keeping quiet anymore."