The City of Ottawa has launched an app that will give transit riders a personalized travel plan.

The plan will take into consideration the changes to bus routes one the LRT is up and running.

"We had a lot of people across the city asking what does the LRT mean to my daily commute," said Transit Commission Chair Allan Hubley.

"It will at least give them a picture because right now they don't know."

The Ready For Rail travel planner will give a minute-by-minute breakdown of commutes, as well as provide alternative options and varied routes.

 "They can plug in where their trip is going to start and where it's going to end," said Hubley.

"You should actually see minutes off your actual commute now."

Riders at Eagleson Station and Terry Fox Station in Kanata had mixed reactions. One major change for Kanata riders will be their buses will end at Tunney's Pasture, where they'll have to walk and continue their journey on the LRT.

Some saw minutes shaved off their commute, others saw time added on.

"My route goes straight to where I need to go," said third-year university student Emily Prak.

"If I have to get off and transfer that's just going to be kind of annoying, because I don't really like to have to transfer and have to wait."

But Hubley is confident the transfer to the train will be worth it for riders.

"When she sees the train and has her first ride on that train she will be enjoying the ride," said Hubley.

"When the LRT starts to run they'll go underneath a tunnel downtown, there's no traffic lights, there's nobody else around, no cars, bikes or pedestrians that will slow your trip down."