A Renfrew mother's fight for her daughter with a developmental disability headed to Queen's Park Thursday.

Bonnie O'Keefe's daughter has been bouncing from shelter to shelter, without proper care for her condition.

"Bonnie has tried every avenue to find supportive housing for Jenny but with the 25-year long wait list and about 16000 adults on that list, Bonnie and Jenny have nowhere to turn." said NDP Critic of Community and Social Services Lisa Gretzky.

"I’m going to ask the premier why is your government not helping Bonnie and her vulnerable daughter Jenny?" 

"It’s imperative actually for people that are in crisis is to reach out to our constituency offices cause we will do everything that we can within this ministry with crisis intervention to help the individual to get the accommodation that they’re looking for," said Minister of Community and Social Housing Todd Smith.

"We need more housing and that's why we have brought lots of legislation to the floor of the legislature to start to deal with the responsibility and the inaction of the previous Liberal government."

O’Keefe’s daughter, Jennifer Napier, 36, was born with William’s Syndrome, a severe developmental disability. 

"She needs 24-hour care and because of my medical condition, I can't give that to her" said O'Keefe.

"She's 36 but has the mind of a five-year-old."

O’Keefe says for a decade Jennifer lived in an Ontario-run group home in Barry’s Bay.  In July 2018, she was sent to hospital, a stay that lasted nearly four-months.  Because her hospital stay was so long, Jennifer lost her bed at the group home.

"So now what happens?" asks O'Keefe.

"My daughter is still homeless."

O'Keefe began a hunger strike Monday on the property of Renfrew County Town Hall. 

"I'm going to keep pushing until she gets something," said O'Keefe.

"I'm not leaving until she gets somewhere."

A GoFundMe online campaign has been set up for the family.