OTTAWA -- Friends and family say one of the victims headed to Ottawa was set to begin a new life with her husband in Canada.

Roja Azadian was among the eight passengers who were on board Flight 752, which crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran.

Azadian was supposed to be returning with Ottawa resident Mohsen Ahmadipour but a ticket mix-up changed everything.

The 38-year-old had cancelled a portion of the ticket but learned at the airport, that the return part to his ticket was no longer valid.

“He was so sad and thinking, what’s going to happen now,” said family friend Leila Hojabri.

“Then finally they decided okay she’s going to go and then I’m going to join on the next flight.”

Ahmadipour was left in the terminal, while his wife of nearly six years, went ahead.

“Luckily he didn’t get into the flight but on the other side, he lost his wife,” said Hojabri.

“He said goodbye and he sent her.”

Ahmadipour came to Ottawa as a student of Algonquin College and accepted a job offer in the capital, and had planned to bring Azadian back.

“These were so many lives,” said Leila Hojabri.

“You can't believe it.”

Hojabri says while the entire Iranian Community is reeling from grief, there is a desperate search for answers,

“So many small, small pieces,” said Hojabri through tears while looking at images of the wreckage.

“It doesn’t make sense.”