It's a last call for Gatineau residents.

The city has given them until the end of January to have their say on whether last call should be restored to 3 a.m. in Hull.

The city rolled back their closing time to 2.a.m. in 1997 to match Ottawa.

The cut followed a steady stream of rowdiness and at times, violence in the area's infamous Hull strip.

"We don't want to live again the 90s," said Hull-Wright Councillor Cedric Tessier.

"I understand that residents don't want to hear more noise or have more people drunk on the street and I agree with them."

But Tessier adds times have changed, and he supports the pushback on a trial basis.

 "For me a pilot project would have to make sure those things don't happen,"

"If those things happen, then I think the pilot project wouldn't work."

Co-owner of Le Troquet Eric Gaudreault speaks for bar owner in the Hull area.

"It's been 20 years since we had those bad years," said Gaudreault.

"I've been living in that 20 year slump, that really big shine that we had, it was too crazy but it went slump, and it's not coming back."

Gaudreault says the infamous Hull strip is a shadow of it's former self.

"It's time to change, to get back to how we used to be," said Gaudreault.

"We want to bring some life back."

Some residents have expressed concern over Ottawans crossing the border to get in an extra hour or two or partying.

"That's the only downside because they're either going to drive across the bridge after drinking, drinking a little more, then going back," said Stephane Villenuv.

Villenuv is on board with the change, but wants those looking to party to be safe.

The rest of Gatineau remained on Quebec's normal closing time of 3 a.m.

Gatineau will be collecting input up until Jan 31., and city council is expected to vote on the issue in the spring.