After four days of commuter chaos, it appears to have been a smooth morning commute Friday.

Riders exiting Tunney's Pasture tell CTV Ottawa it was a stark contrast to earlier travels.

"Yesterday was chaos," said Daniel L'heureux.

"It's smoother and there's less people on the train today and less people on the platforms."

"This is better, I'm my usual 15, 20 minutes early," Lauren Seaward-Munday.

"Everyone's a little happier today, we are not stuck on the platforms."

Today is a PD day for many school kids across Ottawa, and that could play a factor in a less congested commute and lower ridership numbers.

Some riders say many of their colleagues have taken this Friday off ahead of Thanksgiving long weekend.

OC Transpo made several adjustments and changes each day as delays and challenges arose, including longer dwelling times and no long attempting to fix a malfunctioning door on the spot, but instead, isolating that door and continue to keep the train moving.

"They're handling it fairly good," said L'heureux.

"It's understandable there's a hiccup at beginning all the computer stuff, there's glitches at the beginning."