Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for the National Capital Region.

Temperatures came close to -30C Saturday morning but felt more like -45C with the windchill.

Extremely cold windchills are expected to continue Saturday night and into Sunday morning as bitterly cold artic air slides southward toward the U.S Midwest.

“With this cold artic air, it’s just like molasses it’s poised to rush down and it has, but I think the fact that we’ve seen some very strong winds, sometimes you can get sunshine and calm air, but what we’re seeing are very cold windchills,” said senior climatologist, Dave Phillips.

Temperatures began to drop Friday night feeling like -40C with the windchill.

Ottawa Paramedics said they responded to two overnight calls for people with varying levels of consciousness outside in the snow.

A man in his 40s was found by RCMP at the intersection at Bank and Wellington.

A 20-year-old man had to be removed from the Rideau Canal near Carleton University.

Both men were taken to hospital. If left outside any longer, paramedics said they could have died.

Officials are warning the public to cover up and dress in layers and watch out for any exposed skin, as frostbite can occur in a matter of minutes.

“Usually it’s a redness that turns into a white, pale, something waxy in extreme cases, and those are immediate signs that you should remove yourself,” said Rod Hamberger with Ottawa Paramedics.

Due to extreme weather condition Winterlude activities in the park have been cancelled for Saturday evening.

Temperatures are expected to climb slighty Saturday night  to -24C but will feel like -35C with the windchill.