Derrick Nadeau has been waiting four years to thank the paramedics who saved his life.

"Today was emotional for me because I finally got to meet the  team Ornge, the rescuers, pilots and paramedics that saved my life," he says.

In August 2011, Nadeau rolled over in his ATV near Pembroke. He suffered traumatic head injuries and needed to be air-lifted to the Ottawa Hospital.  On Wednesday, the 36-year old finally met the paramedics and pilot who responded to his accident.

Matthew Tremble was one of the paramedics who treated Nadeau. He says the reunion was emotional for him. "We really have no way of finding out how patients have done- so this is very special and unique to be able  to connect with a patient," Tremble says.

He also wants to thank Nadeau for finding him. "All I can say to Derrick is ‘thank you’ and ‘thank you’ to his family for deepening the meaning that we have in our job."

Nadeau was in a coma in hospital for six weeks. He still suffers from brain injuries from his accident, but has made a strong recovery. His wife, Monique Herault credits the Ornge Air team for saving her husband’s life. "The only way he was going to make it was with orange," she says, and calls her husband's recovery "a miracle."

But the reunion also comes with a message about safety. "One is always wear a helmet and two don't drink and drive, because I was drinking and driving. There are so much people that drink and drive, like, common people, don't do that," says Nadeau.