A man is dead after a scuba diving incident Saturday evening in Cornwall. 

43-year-old John Earle of Cornwall was in the water at Guindon Park on the St. Lawrence River when police say he suffered a medical emergency.

Earle was an avid diver with more than 700 dives under his belt, including 400 in the seaway. He also ran an antique and vintage shop in Cornwall, and produced numerous documentaries.

Jamie Carr helped Earle produce one of his first documentaries, 10 days in Canada.

"He was the kind of friend that if you were driving around, he would make you laugh so hard until you would cry," he said.

"He would pull over the car. It was that kind of laughing."

Carr, along with Earle's mother, wife and several friends, gathered today to share stories and memories about their friend. Earle's mother described her son as "one-of-a-kind," someone who goes the extra mile to help others.

A neighbour described him as someone that "everybody loved."

"He's looking down on us now," said Barbara Cleary. "He's in a happy place and he was doing what he loved to do the most."

In addition to being a filmmaker, Earle was the 2014 Liberal MPP Candidate for Stormont--Dundas--South Glengarry. He lost to incumbent Jim McDonnel, who today described his former opponent as someone who will be deeply missed.

"He was well-known in the community," McDonnel said. "He grew up here and lived here all his life. The community definitely feels the loss."

Earle was transported to hospital Saturday evening where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The coroner's office is also investigating the death. His wife does not believe the incident was related to his dive, as he had already surfaced by the time things went wrong.

Earle leaves behind two children and a wife.