OTTAWA -- An Ottawa creator is setting his comedic aim on Stittsville through a new original TV Series, about suburban bylaw enforcement.

"Stittsville On Patrol" will air on Bell Fibe TV 1 in 2021. It takes a light-hearted approach to what the show’s producer is calling a "Neighbourhood Watch Enthusiast."

The show’s creator, Christopher Redmond says, "It’s a story about a man who lives in Stittsville and goes out on patrol - that’s pretty much it. A wanna-be community bylaw officer that is reporting on the types of violations that most people wouldn’t be bothered to notice."

Patrolling and taking his role seriously,

"It’s a pretty serious subject, it’s more or less about imaginary bylaw’s in Stittsville," says Redmond. “When he’s measuring people’s grass; when he’s looking for paint that’s peeling on walls and writing up tickets, he can make those fines really whatever he wants."

The series will star Ben Milks of The bRian5or6 Show.

Redmond jokes that he meant the role for Tom Cruise, “but then COVID happened, and he can’t cross the border… we changed gears and I went way lower in my ambition and ended up casting, unfortunately Ben Milks. He’s available, which also really helps."

The show will begin production in October, and Redmond is taking COVID-19 precautions while shooting, "The whole concept has been re-developed to be shot during COVID."   

It will be filmed mostly outdoors, and primarily with one character, with Redmond adding "I’ve had to scale down the crew completely."

Asked if this is a comedy-drama, Redmond answered, "It’s part comedy, part drama; when it’s funny, it’s a comedy for sure - anytime it’s not funny, you could call it a drama."

Watch for it on Bell Fibe TV 1 next year as six, seven-minute episodes.