Would you pay $10 for a cup of coffee?

How about $10 for an “immersive” coffee experience, where a Starbucks Coffee Master takes 10 minutes to make your rare, small-lot reserve coffee with an innovative technique called siphon brew, explaining every step of the process along the way? “I am making a coffee, but I’m also explaining that journey,” says Coffee Master Timothy Barretto-Burns. “So it’s all about that experience.”

Welcome to Canada’s first-ever Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar, a coffee shop for hard-core coffee lovers. “If you want to have that slower experience, you want to learn more about your coffee, you know the coffee connoisseurs, and learning about that experience. That's what this bar is great for," says Barretto-Burns.

Other innovations include Starbucks’ new Nitro Cold Brew tap - a beer-style tap that mixes iced coffee with nitrogen gas. “Nitrogen is going to add that element of smooth creaminess,” explains Barretto-Burns.

It’s also the first Starbucks in Ottawa targeting the late-night crowd. Its evening menu includes a selection of local craft beers and international wines.

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar opens November 3rd on York Street in Ottawa’s Byward Market.

And don’t worry, they also sell their regular coffee at regular prices.