There's a shakeup on Ottawa radio with two radio stations introducing new morning teams.

A Morning's Angie Poirier is joining Stuntman Stu, previously of BOB-FM, as the new hosts of Majic Mornings on MAJIC 100.

Poirier will remain on A Morning's weekend show. She says joining the radio station was an opportunity she couldn't refuse.

"I think it's a great way to actually get more of yourself out there and be able to talk about your day to day stuff: the kids, the stories, and slice of life that maybe sometimes I don't get a chance to do on the T.V.," Poirier said.

Meanwhile, Vinney White and Sandy Sharkey will host BOB's Breakfast on 93.9 BOB-FM.

The changes to both morning teams took effect Monday morning. Both radio stations are owned by Bell Media, which also owns CTV.