OTTAWA -- Are you having one of those days at the office where you just want to grab a bat and bust your computer to pieces? Now there’s a room in Ottawa to help smash through your frustrations.

If you’re sick and tired of cleaning the kitchen, stop by the Smash Room in Ottawa, where you can take their dishes and crush them to pieces.

"It’s fun, you don’t get a chance to smash stuff up, it’s a good release," said Dan Levesque, as he busted some bottles with a bat.

Up to four participants can head into the room, and prices start at $30. There's an armoury with bats, sledgehammers, golf clubs and even bowling pins and frying pans, to help you beat down whatever rage you may be feeling.

"It’s something fun to do," says Michee Jean, co-owner of the new business located on Lady Ellen Place. "You’ve had a stressful day, the kids are giving you a hard time and you just come in, smash, forget everything about it and get the best night sleep after."

It's not just for the times when you can’t handle life; it’s also an opportunity to "break" the rules.

"It’s an endorphin release," said Sarah Vaillancourt, who enjoyed taking a sledgehammer to a vacuum cleaner. "Breaking stuff is really fun, because you’re not allowed to do that in life."

All you need is a pair of close-toed shoes. Smash Room will supply all the protective equipment you'll need to release your inner hulk. Items you can smash include glassware, various electronics, and larger items such as old stereo equipment and speakers.

Whatever the reason for heading into the Smash Room, you’re sure to leave with a little less anger and a big smile.