The city of Ottawa has announced scheduling changes to the city’s solid waste collection beginning next month.

Starting October 29, households will have their residual garbage collected every two weeks. The collection day will change for more than 100, 000 households. Residents will be allowed to leave a maximum of six bags every two weeks for pick up.

Year-round weekly pick-up of the green bin will continue.

The city has also unveiled new dual collection trucks that will collect both organic waster and recyclable materials at the same time.

“The switch to bi-weekly residual waste collection will save the city $10 million per year over the existing system and will reduce the number of collection vehicles on the road”, said Councillor Maria McRae, Environment Committee Chair. “This will also extend the life of Ottawa’s landfill.”

The city has also launched a new collection calendar tool online so residents can access their pick-up schedules.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Natalie Duddridge