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New Arnprior, Ont. business looking to attract younger people, trendy business to town

New business owner Angie MacCrae believes she's brought something new to Arnprior that the bedroom community did not have before.

KOTi 28 is the latest business to find a home on the town's downtown strip.

The home decor store offers Scandinavian-inspired goods, which MacCrae believes fills a gap for the younger age demographic.

"I think young people are liking this new trend," the long time Arnprior resident and former school principal tells CTV News.

"It's a very minimalist trend that is very attractive right now to young families and young people."

Open and finding success since September, MacCrae believes more of what she is offering is needed to help the town 45 minutes west of downtown Ottawa thrive.

"I think we certainly are trending. I think we're bringing a little modern into Arnprior," she says.

"We would like to offer those items that they can find in Ottawa at some of the trendier stores here, right here in Arnprior."

Lindsay Wilson, Arnprior's marketing and economic development officer says the town's average age is older than the provincial average.

"As we see the new housing developments come in we're seeing newer families come to town which definitely brings down the age group," says Wilson.

She adds that while Arnprior is not trying to cater to a younger audience, the town is looking to expand its age diversity.

"We have introduced things like different social media channels that tend to bring in younger demographics also as a way to attract a younger audience to town."

Liam Racine runs John St Shop, a vintage clothing store that shares Arnprior's downtown strip with KOTi 28.

Catering to younger shoppers, Racine admits there is a group missing from Arnprior's age profile.

"We've got a lot of younger and then there's a lot of the older," he says.

"We need some younger families, like the 30-something families, 40-something families. That's kind of the gap in the town."

While Arnprior is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Ontario, there is a feeling more trending businesses would add to the town's longevity.

"I think it would also just help our town survive," says Racine.

"It's one thing to have younger generations, it's another thing to have them here and want to stay here. So the goal is that they come back and stay." Top Stories

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