The owner of a café in the Glebe says she is shocked and saddened after a special nativity scene was stolen from inside her establishment.

Miriam Fernanda Rangel owns Café Morala. On Dec. 14, she put up a nativity scene at the back of the café, as she had done the year before.

Within about half an hour of the setting up the 15-piece set, staff noticed it was gone.

“It was shocking to see how fast they took all the pieces which were very tall, so someone had to have a big bag, and, I don’t know how they managed to do it so fast when the coffee shop was busy,” Rangel said. “It was very sad. I was very, very, very hurt.”

Rangel received the set made of pressed tin from her mother in Mexico.  She says before this, nothing has ever been stolen from her café in the 13 years she has owned it.

“This is my home, and it felt like someone coming in and stealing from my home,” she said.

A patron has donated a replacement nativity scene to the café, which Rangel has put up for display.

She is grateful for the concern from her customers, but says she is not sure if she will put up a nativity scene again next year, as she is worried it may also be stolen.

Rangel is appealing for whoever stole her nativity scene to do to the right thing and return it.